Advice Only Consult (AOC)

Already have lab results and just need advice? Just request an AOC at then you will schedule an appointment and submit any lab work you have for the doctor to review.


After years of requests from men who frequent my forums for detailed evaluations of their situations, but extremely limited by time, we have finally agreed to offer one-on-one “advice only” interactions. While I cannot order labs or prescribe medications to patients I have not personally seen, many simply need to know which way to turn, or advice they can then pass on to their local physician. The AOC is priced at $195 per appointment, and the steps are as follows:


  1. Patient submits standard Medical History Form from website, pays the AOC Fee on, and books an appointment
  2. Patient provides any laboratory tests he has had completed. A menu of laboratories providing public access labs as provided by the members may be found on my forum
  3. Physician will spend up to 30 minutes on the phone with the patient—and the patient only-- for an AOC appointment.
  4. Physician makes recommendations ONLY to patient. No prescriptions can be provided, as per applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Topics of discussion include all facets of Interventional Endocrinology, diet, exercise, sexual function and other issues of importance to men.
  6. If patient desires to involve his local physician, which is preferable, the difference between the AOC and standard Consultation Fee may be paid for an upgrade.
  7. The above arrangement does not constitute doctor/patient relationship. It instead is an offer to provide more detailed and customized individual advice the physician would normally provide on Internet message boards.