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  1. TDM812
    TDM812 BadassBlues
    It looks like you are one of the most respected, knowledgeable members. Is there any way I can persuade you to take a look at my case? I just posted it. I sincerely need help.
  2. DannyMacUk
    DannyMacUk pmgamer18
    So Just wondering if can P.M what type of test you found over the years worked best, which ester i am at a loss for Enanthate or Cypionate, although Cypionate was my first choice, besides LOW libido with my wife which stinks. I got lots of Joint pains which is awful. that's my question Bro. happy new 2018. Welcome, Danny
  3. DannyMacUk
    DannyMacUk pmgamer18
    Hey there PmGamer18 i'm Danny from UK here, and new to the AllThingsMale Forum, i just wanted your advice brother i am 32 years old, and had a Low testosterone from Testes Injury on my left side. it healed but impaired my Testosterone since. I heard you used TRT shots 1cc 1ml Bi weekly i can imagine.
  4. Stormyyy
    Stormyyy pmgamer18
  5. Brownbrown
    Brownbrown Dr. John Crisler
    Can i order advice only when i live in norway? I cant find my country on the list. I really need proffesional help. I can be reached by mail or phone
  6. n0libido
    n0libido LeanGuy
    Hello,I ve seen many of yor answers in this forum and I saw that you had problems from zinc supmentation but later you fixed it.Can you give me some information please?I am suffering from the exact ssame thing as you.Thanks!
    1. LeanGuy
      I simply reduced zinc and increased copper supplements
      Aug 5, 2017
  7. JanSz
    Please do not ask me questions here. It is hard to answer. Use bb or PM
  8. JanSz
    Conversely, if you have too much E1 & E2 then reduce DHEAs.
  9. JanSz
    If you want to raise E1 or E2 then raise DHEAs, that increases androstenedione and spills to E1 and E2.
  10. JanSz
    In my case not much change to E2 or E1, but transdermal raises DHT.
  11. JanSz
    In my case both do not do much of raising.
  12. Diverdown
    Diverdown JanSz
    Do T. Creams or Gels raise E2 more than T. Shots?
  13. Diverdown
    Diverdown pmgamer18
    How best to raise E2? I have not taken a AI in Months.
    E2 = 9 and Total T.= 1048, SHBG = 39
    Do T. Creams raise E2 more than injections?
  14. JanSz
    Yes, I still do test my fatty acids.
  15. boatnerj
    boatnerj JanSz
    Hey JanSz,

    I saw in a very old thread back from 2008 that you had found out via testing you had very low arachidonic acid and too much omega 3s. Did you do anything to fix this, and if so did you notice any improvements from it? I believe the recommendation was to drop fish oils for a while and use borage oill as well as lots of liver and egg yolks for arachidonic acid. I am in a similar situation.
    1. JanSz
      low arachidonic acid and too much omega 3s is a battle between fish oil industry that wants your $$ and YOU THE PEOPLE. They even open laboratories that test O3 O6. Every test ends telling you that you are not drinking enough fish oils and do not eat enough seafood. Get this test at LabCorp and then contact me.
      Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
      May 10, 2017
    2. boatnerj
      I have already had a test done by genova diagnostics testing my levels, it was almost the same thing you posted in your thread I saw. How can I get you the results? Should I make a thread in a particular section, or email you? I tried posting the pictures of the fatty acid markers and fatty acid metabolism but it says the file sizes are to large :/
      May 11, 2017
  16. Dank
    Dank 1972
    hey man saw one of your old posts. I have the same symptoms as you with the ED and penile atrophy. Have you found a treatment for this? I've been suffering for 10 years and still havent been able to fix my problem. It is only getting worse as time goes on.
  17. Konflict
    Konflict Dr. John Crisler
    Dr. Crisler, I've read that you understand how detrimental finasteride can be to the human body. Ive had PFS for over 6 years. Recently I took vitamin E mixed tocopherols and vitamin K2 mk7, & have had SEVERE side effects that all correlate to low Estrogen. My body has been VERY androgenic since taking the vitamin E/K2, but don't understand why I have very low E symtoms. Any advice would be appreciated, Thank you.
  18. Barthy12
    Barthy12 Dr. John Crisler
    Hello Dr. Crisler, I want to know something about gynecomastia. I have gyno both of my breasts and have lumbs, too. I'm 18 and I'm curious about it. I don't want surgery and i don't want to wait anymore. Will my breast be fine by itself? Can lumbs go away without any surgeries? Should i have to take meds for my breast? I'm sure i have a high estrogen. Waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot for your time.
  19. Kynarr
    Kynarr alanc
  20. Kynarr
    Kynarr invictus
    Hey man, I hope you get to read this. I'm 24 and have gone through the same experience with Accutane, from when I was 19. I received hormone results just about the same as you today, and an andrologist wants me to take Androgel. I figure you've had a lot of time to know if this is worth it by now. Could you kindly let me know? I'm at a loss here. Thank you..
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