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  1. Barthy12
    Barthy12 Dr. John Crisler
    Hello Dr. Crisler, I want to know something about gynecomastia. I have gyno both of my breasts and have lumbs, too. I'm 18 and I'm curious about it. I don't want surgery and i don't want to wait anymore. Will my breast be fine by itself? Can lumbs go away without any surgeries? Should i have to take meds for my breast? I'm sure i have a high estrogen. Waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot for your time.
  2. Kynarr
    Kynarr alanc
  3. Kynarr
    Kynarr invictus
    Hey man, I hope you get to read this. I'm 24 and have gone through the same experience with Accutane, from when I was 19. I received hormone results just about the same as you today, and an andrologist wants me to take Androgel. I figure you've had a lot of time to know if this is worth it by now. Could you kindly let me know? I'm at a loss here. Thank you..
  4. Adrenalhelp
    Adrenalhelp spstriken
    Hi, I was wondering if you saw any resolve of your symptoms when you tried TRT. I believe I have read somewhere on propeciahelp that you regained libido erections etc. Pls get in touch
  5. BJE
    52 year old martial artist
  6. lifeguard25
    lifeguard25 tierry
    Hey Tierry,

    I saw some of your posts that you seem to be like a smooth muscle relaxer guru. I suffer from erectile dysfunction, and I notice that relaxing my smooth muscles help my symptoms.

    Things I've tried to relax them are:


    Do you have any suggestions of other medications to try? Any advice you could give would be awesome and much appreciated.

    Thanks man,
  7. Nuclear
    Nuclear JanSz
    Hello JanSz. Are you still using Ovidrel? I've been using it for several years and I seem to have no perceptible feeling from it whatsoever. I use 200iu every other day based on a 6500iu per syringe assumption. Please let me know your thoughts. As always, your reply is much appreciated. Joe
    1. JanSz
      no Ovidrel, use HCG from India
      Aug 31, 2016
  8. vrba69
    I am new member
  9. QuestionMan
    QuestionMan Dr. John Crisler
    Dr. John -- where is the list of pharmacies that you recommend? I've been looking through the site and haven't been able to find the list of "approved" pharmacies that can be mentioned in this forum.
  10. Orion
    Orion pacodav
    Hello pacodav, my name is orion, the reason I am posting on your profile is to talk to you, in fact, its pretty much the only reason I joined this forum, i have alot of the same things in common that you have (basically the whole situation) if you would contact me i would really appreciate it, thanks.
  11. Outdamnspot
    Outdamnspot moonman
    Hi Moonman, was wondering if you're still active here? Would you mind sending me a PM?
  12. hb1979
    hb1979 JanSz
    Hi jansz, a while back I read a post here in which you posted a photo of progesterone gynocomastia. Do you think I could benefit from adding it to my regimen? Right now my progesterone is 0.7 ng/ml with a ref range of 0.14- 2.06.
    My estrogen is low.
    I'm currently on .5ml of treatment
    Test cypionate 2x week.
  13. Chris Webb
    Chris Webb FascinatedNY
    I have a situation similar to the one that you posted regarding high SHBG resulting in low libido/ED/Etc.
    Did you ever find the source of the problem or a successful treatment? If so, please email me at cawebb00@hotmail.com and share.
  14. Priest
    Priest JanSz
  15. torrential
    torrential JanSz
    Hello JanSz. Hope you are doing well. I'm interested in sunshine but there isn't much to be had right now. Would you mind sharing your current thoughts on sun lamps?
  16. davidrn
    Stopped LDN, didn't take, tried for a year. Back on Enbrel & Methotrexate for RA.
  17. douglasmich
    douglasmich chemman
    Did u recover from adex
  18. douglasmich
    douglasmich random321

    How long did you need to take DHEA to raise your e2? mine is 0 and im getting bad bone problems
  19. era
    celiac-enteropathy-Hashimotos-hypothyroid-hypoadrenal-hypoprotein survivor. Doing well on anastrozole+DHEA+T3+T4+freeaminos treatment.
  20. vincentv
    vincentv frenchguy

    Please reply.

    Did you fix your problems at all?