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    1. TDM812
      It looks like you are one of the most respected, knowledgeable members. Is there any way I can persuade you to take a look at my case? I just posted it. I sincerely need help.
    2. Andrew
      Hey Sir. I'd like to share my lab results later on today on here and I'd really appreciate your feedback after I post em. Thanks as always.
    3. xks201
      Was asking if the agolomelatine or whatever it is was worth it in your opinion. Typing this crap on my phone
    4. xks201
      s it worth a damn based on your trial? What do u notice from the ghrh and ghrp? Is that like a crappier version of gh? I'm ignorant to that.
    5. Rude
      Any help, been trying to post on this site for the last week but get this error everytime since it wont let me do the verification.. Please get back to me have a very important thread I would like to post. Have tried multiple computers, browsers, etc.
      The CAPTCHA cannot be displayed. This may be a configuration or server problem. You may not be able to continue. Please visit our status page for more information or to contact us.
    6. Superhands
      Hey bro. Just wondering why I can't post in a thread. Says it has to be approved by a moderator? I've tried three times now.
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    Welcome to my profile page :)
    First off, my nickname is a musical reference. I am a guitar player and lover of the blues. I am by no means a "Bad Ass" nor do I assume to be anything but a man who is seeking to live life to the fullest.

    I have spent many years in the pursuit of knowledge on how to maintain a vibrant state of health and well being. That road has led me on an interesting journey and I have managed to learn one very important thing.

    "I Know I Know Nothing"
    (The Socratic Paradox)

    So, what does that mean?

    I remember when this journey began, each new learning experience would make me think... "Aha, this is it... I have this all figured out". This went on for a long while. Alas, every new revelation would only bring up more questions. As many of you know, not every question has an answer... yet. I realized that my acquired knowledge was a drop of rain in the sea. It was actually the most enlightening day of my life. There are many on these internet forums who profess to "know it all". They should be avoided like the plague.

    I am often asked to give advice, and am happy to do so. I will not however give any kind of medical advice, act as an expert, prescribe any medical protocols or medications. In short, I am not the guy to tell you what to do. I am the guy who can help you help yourself. Most of the problems I see are self inflicted by those who have blindly followed bad advice given by an "internet forum guru". If I can help you learn something and contribute to your journey, it would be my pleasure to do so.

    "Live and Learn From Fools and From Sages"


    "Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run"
    "There's still time to change the road your on"


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