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Dec 9, 2007
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Jul 10, 2018
    1. hawksfan
      Hello bgnb. I read a thread you posted in a few years ago where you mentioned you knew a very good doctor in Vancouver, BC. I wanted to pm you to ask if you could share his/her contact info but am not sure I can send pm's in this forum (I just signed up today...not sure if I don't know how to work it or if I'm just too new to be able to!!! lol!)

    2. shelty
    3. bgnb
      not in the health profession ... just a decade of having to educate myself to educate doctors to get proper treatment ... if I can help (and anything I might suggest is only as an example, you would have to investigate it yourself and discuss with your health providers) I will ...
    4. mnk
      see things as 'dark' and they will be dark ... but simply exercises to
      improve your mood can help even when external circumstances seem
      to be going downhill.

      i can send you some links if you are interested ... simple stuff but
      i have found it helpful.

      Hey bgnb, this abstract was written by you to another member. I too suffer from depression and thank God for my strength to be functional. Always looking for help to better my life. On that note can you send links that were mentioned in post. thank you in advance and God bless.
    5. matttaylor
      thanks for your post in the depression thread I started, sounds like your in the health proffession. Perhaps we could chat sometime matt
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