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Mar 5, 2011
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Feb 13, 2019 at 6:41 PM
    1. LifeWithLowT
      How do you PM? I tried but it said I didnt have permission
    2. Tree1
      jesus mate that is one hell of an effort! Have you been moving around etc for the whole time? I was completely bedridden. One bit of advice - I paid for some distance support from a fasting supervisor - and she told me that the more you rest up the better as it facilitates the healing process.

      If youve come this far I would go for as long as you can now becuase each day you stick at it the healing will be at a really deep level (obviously if you start to feel really shit you should stop). I kept a log of my blood pressure on a daily basis to see if anything was going wrong.

      Well done again, looking forward to hear if its helped - i hope it does
    3. Tree1
      Hey dave, just wanted to see how you're getting on with the water fast? Sounds like your doing pretty well to have lasted to day 13. I got to day 8 and had to give in because I was already down to 9 stone.

      Keep going if you can! I think this is one of our best chances for recovery
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