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Please do not ask me questions here. It is hard to answer. Use bb or PM Jul 20, 2017

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Viewing thread Rip Dr John Crisler, Jan 18, 2019 at 3:15 PM
    1. JanSz
      Please do not ask me questions here. It is hard to answer. Use bb or PM
    2. JanSz
      Conversely, if you have too much E1 & E2 then reduce DHEAs.
    3. JanSz
      If you want to raise E1 or E2 then raise DHEAs, that increases androstenedione and spills to E1 and E2.
    4. JanSz
      In my case not much change to E2 or E1, but transdermal raises DHT.
    5. JanSz
      In my case both do not do much of raising.
    6. Diverdown
      Do T. Creams or Gels raise E2 more than T. Shots?
    7. JanSz
      Yes, I still do test my fatty acids.
    8. boatnerj
      Hey JanSz,

      I saw in a very old thread back from 2008 that you had found out via testing you had very low arachidonic acid and too much omega 3s. Did you do anything to fix this, and if so did you notice any improvements from it? I believe the recommendation was to drop fish oils for a while and use borage oill as well as lots of liver and egg yolks for arachidonic acid. I am in a similar situation.
      1. JanSz
        low arachidonic acid and too much omega 3s is a battle between fish oil industry that wants your $$ and YOU THE PEOPLE. They even open laboratories that test O3 O6. Every test ends telling you that you are not drinking enough fish oils and do not eat enough seafood. Get this test at LabCorp and then contact me.
        Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
        May 10, 2017
      2. boatnerj
        I have already had a test done by genova diagnostics testing my levels, it was almost the same thing you posted in your thread I saw. How can I get you the results? Should I make a thread in a particular section, or email you? I tried posting the pictures of the fatty acid markers and fatty acid metabolism but it says the file sizes are to large :/
        May 11, 2017
    9. Nuclear
      Hello JanSz. Are you still using Ovidrel? I've been using it for several years and I seem to have no perceptible feeling from it whatsoever. I use 200iu every other day based on a 6500iu per syringe assumption. Please let me know your thoughts. As always, your reply is much appreciated. Joe
      1. JanSz
        no Ovidrel, use HCG from India
        Aug 31, 2016
    10. hb1979
      Hi jansz, a while back I read a post here in which you posted a photo of progesterone gynocomastia. Do you think I could benefit from adding it to my regimen? Right now my progesterone is 0.7 ng/ml with a ref range of 0.14- 2.06.
      My estrogen is low.
      I'm currently on .5ml of treatment
      Test cypionate 2x week.
    11. Priest
    12. torrential
      Hello JanSz. Hope you are doing well. I'm interested in sunshine but there isn't much to be had right now. Would you mind sharing your current thoughts on sun lamps?
    13. drphil
      Hi JanSz: Am trying to find a dependable resource for MT2. Any suggestions? Too many hucksters on the net, so I would appreciate any suggestions. Dr. Phil
    14. Slater
      Dear JanSz, I can see that you have very good experience on TRT and managing of the therapy. I hopping you cloud guide me through a process. I started TRT therapy (feb 12,21025) androgel 50 mg packet one every day. (i am 46 175 pounds @ 5.11", fit and extremely active. my personal e mail is tierramojada123@gmail.com, I beg you to shed some light on this very confusing therapy, doctors here are clueless.
      1. Slater
        If it is ok by you could you drop me an e mail so that i can contact you and expand on the subject,... (sorry if not, and thanks)
        Jun 22, 2015
    15. sifter
      Hi JanSz

      A couple of years ago you and Dr John had a dialog about Testing for Zinc

      "Dr. John Crisler said: ↑

      Just off the top of my head I should think an evaluation of intracellular levels would do the trick."

      You asked him about a representative test- Did you ever find one?

      1. JanSz
        Apr 25, 2015
    16. toyoung
      JanSz can you recommend a reputable place to purchase peptides? Thanks
    17. toyoung
      Hello janSz, I actully found this thread from one of your posts. Could you please weigh in in on my erectile dysfunction. Thanks
    18. torrential
      Jan, I saw your review of Dr. J's book on Amazon. One thing caught my eye: "There is little more to therapy than just writing a script for testosterone." Since the review was generally positive, there may be an "a" missing, right before "little." Just sayin'.
      1. JanSz
        Thank you. Wonder if there is away to edit that.
        Mar 28, 2015
    19. mojo
      Hey JanSz, New here but not really because I've followed your posts for awhile without registering. I'm contacting you because we're both in Jersey. Would you be kind enough to suggest a good TRT doc around these parts? I'm in Watchung
      1. JanSz
        My TRT doctor got into some kind of problems and is not in his office. I think they are his health problems. Eventually he will be back. Last time I checked was about two months ago. Go ahead, check and let me know what they tell you.

        only short messages allowed, see next
        Mar 16, 2015
      2. JanSz
        Alexandr Martirosov DO (201)791-7771
        31-00 Broadway
        Fair Lawn NJ 07410

        In the mean time I am back to my GP.
        I know him since 1976.
        He sold his business but still works and I see him.
        Also the new doc is ok.
        Both of them are good for Androgel 1.62%
        It may be hard to get something more.

        old doc:
        Adjurn Dirmalani MD
        new doc
        Manish Luhana MD

        239 Baldwin Rd
        Parsippany NJ 07054
        Mar 16, 2015
      3. mojo
        thank you
        Mar 20, 2015
    20. charliebizz
      Hey jansz I'm really interested in doing the spectracell testing but I live in New York. Is there any way around that that you know of.
      1. JanSz
        Hey charliebizz

        My name is Jan Szulc
        I did my Spectracell blood draw Thursday Sept 4/2014, around 8:30AM
        Kristy was very active helping me.
        Give her my name if need. Contact her for suggestions.

        Kristy Catchings <kcatchings@spectracell.com>

        My blood was drawn here:
        79 Hudson Street Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 (Map)

        Phone: 201-830-9866
        hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm
        Feb 27, 2015
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    I am not a Dr, any opinion that I have is based on my own experience.
    Any changes in my regime are always discussed with and are approved by my doctor.
    We are made of sunlight and water. Obey or else.
    Aim at fasting insulin=(2-3) your life will be easier.
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    Failure is the spice that gives success its flavors………….If you don’t do the fear, you won’t get the courage.
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