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    1. BadassBlues
      I have not tried rHGH, only the GHRP's and GHRH. I can definitely attest to their effectiveness in fat loss, energy and rejuvenation.

      The agolomelatine was just research, I have not tried it. Seekonk posted that he has however.
    2. Kristobal
      I feel awful on any dose of HC, my (total) cortisol is midrange, so I may not need HC. I use 3 x 100mg preg and 3 x 50mg Dhea per day in stead.
    3. Kristobal
      Okay. Have you tried the CT3M method?
      Did you get any palps or other problems from T3?
    4. Kristobal
      OK, how much t3 do You use and when?
    5. Kristobal
      OK. Thanks. I am now on 30mg erfa Thyroid, will switch to t3 only. What dosing do You suggest? Have You got Your transcortin back tot normal? Thanks.
    6. Kristobal
      Hi xks201, can you please tell me more about using hc to bypass high transcortin? You say 2 x 20mg, but this will shut down my axis, right? When I take 10mg doses I feel dreadful. Do you also stressdose? Do you combine hc with dhea and pregnenolone? Any more tips? Thanks.
    7. JanSz
      Looked thru my notes, nothing there.
      I have not used oxytocin, I think 00slotiv did.

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