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2nds Journal

Discussion in 'Member Journals' started by 2ndTimeLucky, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. 2ndTimeLucky

    2ndTimeLucky Guest

    Hi all,

    Im 23 from the uk and new here

    Was heavily into bodybuilding,trained like a beast and ate like a monster

    All went tite up in Dec last year when started collapsing and shaking and going dizzy

    Ran some tests,thyroid was low,suspect adrenal issues due to heavy cycles,gh,clen ect
    Completely ceased training for 4 months and have slowly reintroduced some mild training(resistance machines,cables,moderate dumbell use)still not on to the deadlifts or squats yet but am hoping to be introducing the compound stuff again next year

    My diet is almost non existant as i my appetite is not happening
    I just about manage to eat 3 times a day and have lost in total 4 stone with roughly same bf as before!

    Just recently started thyroid meds and am currently at 150mcg t4 and 30mcg t3 however it is not currently having any metabolic effects and morning temps are still low(36.1-36.2)i seem to hold this temp all day and usually check it various times and its always the same apart from very late eveing when sometimes its 36.5 or rite before bed it goed down to 36

    have sent off my adrenal stress test and am awaiting the results for that

    My plans are to optimise thyroid so that i have a healthy apetite and start digesrting food properly again
    Then once diet is in check start increasing my training to 70-80% again and include deads,squats and presses

    This is day 1 of my journal who knows how long this is gunna take all i know is im gunna be on stage someday some ripped to shreds!

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