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A Perspective On Unusual Labs

Discussion in 'Female Health & HRT' started by Karlos, Sep 24, 2017.

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    Sep 23, 2017
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    53AF6335-35C0-42EC-9EF7-DEBCCC222318.jpeg 2B00C937-E8A1-4DEF-B405-F7569B121EA2.jpeg My girlfriend is dealing with some emotional issues which have led us to seek medical advice. I am not a physician or physiatrist but I do not think it is much of leap to suggest she is dealing with some depression, anxiety, and (especially from my perspective) some unusual anger/agitation issues. She has just started Zoloft as Wellbutrin did not work for her. I’m not a big fan of SSRIs but I finally decided it was not fair to stand between a physician and her patient based on my feelings toward a particular medication AND because I am somewhat desperate that she (and therefore I) find some relief.

    Before she spoke with her Doctor we went to a hormone clinic. They ended up being a bunch of homeopathic wackos, but they did order a salivary hormonal panel which would track certain hormones over the course of her cycle. I have presented the results below. Clearly her testosterone is high. Twice normal high values. And I believe, from what I’ve read, her progesterone is low (I keep seeing a 200-300/1 ratio of progesterone to estrogen quoted as normal). I believe this may suggest pcos, of which her sister suffers. Can anyone else tell me if there is relevant information here?

    I have demanded (more or less) an ob/gyn referral after her primary care dr looked at the results and said “probably depresssion”. Certainly there IS depression but a testosterone level twice normal is a very clear smoke signal for which to investigate. When I mentioned her sister had pcos she asked my gf if she experienced any hirsutism (she does not) and told me she thinks it’s unlikely she has pcos. That may be true of course, but its rediculous to deduce that pcos is unlikely because of its absence. Hirsutism is sometimes indicative of increased androgens but not always (especially when the patient is not predisposed - as would a person of south Asian origin, like my gf). Furthermore we already know she has high androgen levels from the aforementioned test.

    So she is taking the Zoloft anyway, because who knows and because she is almost unbearable. And we will be seeing an OB/gyn to see if they believe anything is awry.

    Further down the road we may seek out a psychiatrist.

    For now, could anyone take a look at these lab results and provide their two cents?


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