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Boojamra's Journal

Discussion in 'Member Journals' started by boojamra, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. boojamra

    boojamra Guest

    I am a TRT patient of a local D.O. I am not a doctor, and I am not a patient of Dr. Crisler.

    I want to log some stats so that I can figure out what is working, and what is not. I am posting it here in case others wish to provide anecdotal insight.

    My doctor originally prescribed the following:

    200mg Test Cyp Weekly
    200iu HCG EOD
    Up to 1mg Arimidex EOD at my discretion, but no more than necessary judging from labs

    Everything I take (except B-Comp injections) is prescribed by this doctor.

    I am currently Injecting 120mg Test per week (Doctor allowed me to split doses to M/W/F and reduce the total weekly amount)

    I also inject 1mL B-Comp

    As well:
    Compounded Pregnenelone Cream and DHEA Cream

    The current B-Comp has 5mcg B12. I am expecting a version with 1000mcg B12 next week. I also play soccer and workout 2-3 other days a week with "Turbulence Training".

    I generally try to keep track of the following variables:
    Overall well-being (W)
    Anxiety (X)
    Nocturnal Erections (note whether they wake me up) (N)
    Morning Erections (M)
    Daytime Erections due to fantasy/attraction (D)
    Libido (L)
    Frequency of sexual activity (F)
    Strength in gym and at sports (S)
    Bodyweight (B)
    Bodyfat % (F)

    I am 37, married with kids, stressful job, and I have secondary hypogonadism, and am pre-diabetic (insulin resistance). Because I have my doctor's permission to adjust the meds, I am still in a tuning phase. What I do know for sure is that 200mg per week seems like too much and I associated it with nipple soreness. Doing the injections 3 times a week, I don't have that soreness anymore. He says I may take up to 400iu hcg per shot, but I don't because I feel that drives my Estrogen way up. I also think that somewhere between 1-2mg Arimidex per week is what I need, but that has been the trickiest part of this.

    This past week, M/W/F I have done the following
    T 40mg
    HCG 200iu
    Adex 0.25 M/W/F and Saturday

    At this time, my monitored variables are as follows:
    (W) 7/10
    (X) Low
    (N) 0 last night
    (M) 7/10 (hardness) went away about 5 mins after getting out of bed
    (D) 0
    (L) 5/10
    (F) 3x in the past week
    (S) 6/10
    (B) 195
    (F) 18%

    W closer to 10
    X stay low
    N once or twice would be fine
    M 10, last longer
    D every time
    L 10
    F twice a day ;-) Actually I'm a lucky guy, and grateful
    S 10
    B doesn't matter, really care about F
    F 9%

    I've been on the current regimen about a year now. Labs show that E2 is still rather high. I don't want to lower hcg because I don't want my nuts to disappear. If I raise the T, I actually feel worse, not better. So, I am thinking it's the Arimidex I need to figure out. I could also adjust the creams. That's hard to do though as they are in a tub. Could try different spoon sizes.

    The B-comp shots were recently added.

    If the moderators feel anything in my post is inappropriate, kindly let me know. I believe I am following the guidelines I have just accepted, and I see dosages given in other journals here.


  2. boojamra

    boojamra Guest

    Yesterday (Aug 3)
    (W) 7/10
    (X) Low
    (N) 0 last night
    (M) 0/10
    (D) 1
    (L) 7/10
    (F) got some
    (S) 7/10
    (B) 194
    (F) 18% (last measured 8/2)
  3. boojamra

    boojamra Guest

    Tuesday Aug 5
    (W) 8/10
    (X) Low
    (N) definite attention getter that lasted quite a while
    (M) 6/10
    (D) 0
    (L) 5/10
    (F) no action
    (S) 8/10, played very well on the field
    (B) 193
    (F) 18% (last measured 8/2)
  4. boojamra

    boojamra Guest

    Very busy last few days preparing for and playing soccer exhibition matches.
    So the following is for over the weekend

    (W) 9/10
    (X) 2
    (N) 0
    (M) 9/10
    (D) 0
    (L) 4
    (F) 0
    (S) 8/10
    (B) 195
    (F) no new measure (nnm)

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