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debilitating muscle cramps - please help me help my wife!!

Discussion in 'Female Health & HRT' started by jimbeaux, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. jimbeaux

    jimbeaux Member

    Aug 19, 2009
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    My wife has debilitating leg cramps virtually every night. She wakes up in agony with her calves or thighs cramping up so much they're rock hard. Many nights, like last night, both calves and thighs are cramping. It sometimes takes a good half-hour for the cramps to "break". This is NOT restless leg syndrome. She does leg and foot exercises daily which are supposed to prevent cramps.

    We've spent literally thousands of dollars having tests done and trying different solutions. Nothing has worked.

    She takes plenty of calcium and magnesium every day.
    She drinks plenty of water every day.
    She takes plenty of potassium every day.
    Lab work has shown that she's at the upper end of the scale in levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Any more and it'll cause diarrhea.
    She recently started taking gabapentin every night.
    She recently started taking B6 and B12 every day.
    She recently started taking CoQ10 in two forms every day.
    She's ercently started taking at least 5 grams of MSM every day.
    She recently started taking at least 5 grams of vitamin C every day.
    I've tried massaging her legs with DMSO.
    I've tried massaging her legs with DMSO combined with magnesium from epsom salts.
    She's tried drinking apple cider vinegar.
    She's tried placing a bar of soap in the sheets at the foot of the bed.
    She's tried one of the electronic muscle stimulators (TENS).
    She would consider cannabis (many reports say it lessens or eliminates muscle cramps) but is a nurse and would be fired if she failed a drug test, and we're not in a state that has legalized medicinal use.
    She's tried using a hot tub at 104°

    That's all I can think of that we've tried - I'm probably forgetting a few things. We've literally tried everything, even the far-fetched things like the bar of soap and the homeopathic remedies.

    Further info that may be of use: she's hypothyroid, taking Armour. She has acid reflux and is taking meds for that. She's obese - at least 250 - but exercise is difficult as she has bad knees and has had a full knee replacement on one knee. She's 44 years old. Her hair is falling out. She has little to no energy, exacerbated by working in the emergency room on 12 hour shifts three days a week. Cramps are particularly bad after working two days in a row. She is not pre-diabetic. She has low cholesterol. She's allergic to eggs and cheese. She uses DHEA cream and pregnenolone cream. She uses the Novaring for contraception. She drinks in moderation.

    She's a wonderful, giving woman, the joy of my life, and it's driving me crazy seeing her suffer like this. When I wake up and she's gotten up with leg cramps and is sobbing in pain, I feel like I'm letting her down by not knowing what to do. Her cramps sometimes go on all night long. As a result, she's sleep deprived. It's only a matter of time before she screws up at work because of sleep deprivation.

    Is there anyone who can offer us a ray of hope regarding a solution? This can't go on.


  2. CubbieBlue

    CubbieBlue New Member

    Oct 18, 2009
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    Everything that I was going to suggest it seems she has tried.

    What kind of magnesium and what is the dosage? I can take 800mg of Glycinate per day without any diarrhea.

    Does she stretch often?

    While this may not help with the thighs, I wonder if using a plantar fasciitis night splint will keep the foot flexed and prevent the cramps from occuring in the calves. Kind of a wild idea but maybe it would work?

    Has she tried T4 rather than the armour?

    Any possibility of sleep apnea? You mention she is overweight and always tired?

    Any history of Cipro/Levaquin/Avelox? I ask because I am suffering from the side effects from these and have had some similar cramps (others have as well) after never getting them before in my life. The hair falling out is also a side effect.
  3. jimbeaux

    jimbeaux Member

    Aug 19, 2009
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    I'll have to check on what type of magnesium she takes. I'm also not sure how often she stretches, but she does have plantar fasciitis and uses the splint when she's watching TV. She does not wear it when she sleeps. She only got it a few weeks ago when she was diagnosed with plantar fascitis in her heel.

    She tried T4 (Synthroid) but labwork showed that she was not converting any of it to T3, thus the change to Armour.

    When she's not cramping, she sleeps well.

    It would not surprise me if she has a history of Cipro/Levaquin/Avelox. She seems to get annual bronchitis, and at least two of those are frequently prescribed for that condition.

    Are your side effects from these meds ongoing? Or did they go away when you discontinued? I'll send my wife your previous response and anything else you say.

    Thanks for the suggestions and response.
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2007
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    Tonic water contains Quinine.
    Quinine should help with cramps.
    If she needs more, get actual Quinine.
    Why do not you let her go thru 101 process, it can only help.
    chilln spend lots of time figuring it ot.


    Obese=low Resting Metabolic Rate
    That pregnenolone cream that she is using is probably worth nothing.
    sleep deprivation

    upper end of the scale in levels of calcium----->check parathyroid

    T4 does not convert to T3 because:
    low iodine/iodide
    low selenium
    low D3
    low pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol
    She have a sleep problem, specially if she snores, have her do sleep study and possibly get CPAP or BPAP.
    She has acid reflux and is taking meds for that
    99% those medicines are wrong and are harming her
    In any case, taking them long time prevents absorbtion of nutrients
    she is obese and malnourished at the same time

    Check if she have H-Pylori, if she have, you both have it.
    Deal with H Pylori first.
    Herthburn most often is due to low stomach acid.
    After she is cleared for H Pylori, she will have to eat (rather large amounts) of Betaine(HCL)
    Betaine(HCL)=stomach acid


    Have her do blood and saliva tests within first week of menstrual cycle, better first three days.
    All in the same day.


    estradiol, sensitive

    Do not take vitamins, minerals, etc, blindly, how do you know you need it??

    She is a nurse, she can have a doctor sign in script for better testing than just a list above (but add PTH to the list)

    Have her check for H Pylori and the tests listed below.
    Just made the tests within first 3 days of menstrual cycle.
    Salivary Cortisol, MS
    Test Number: 500179 CPT Code: 82533
    eight (8) serial samples
    Salivette tubes (item # 51.1532) and
    specialized patient collection kits
    (item # 38330G)


    1 ------- CAH Panel 6B (Comprehensive Screen) (10299X)
    2 ------- Estradiol [4021X](13- 54 pg/mL)
    3 ------- Estrogens, Fractionated, LC/MS/MS (36742X)
    4 ------- Testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Code: 14966X
    5 ------- LH
    6 ------- FSH
    7 ------- SHBG
    8 ------- Dihydrotestosterone
    9 ------- 3a-Androstanediol Glucuronide
    10 ------- Pregnenolone, LC/MS/MS (31493X) 28373P
    11 ------- DHEAs
    12 ------- Aldosterone
    13 ------- 7:30AM/12PM/2:30PM---Cortisol, Free and Total
    14 ------- 12PM/3:30PM--Cortisol(AM/PM)
    15 ------- Corticosteroid-binding Globulin (CBG), Transcortin
    16 ------- Renin Activity, Plasma
    17 ------- ACTH, Plasma
    18 ------- Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH)
    19 ------- Comprehensive Metabolic Panel w/EGFR
    20 ------- CBC w/ diff/PLT
    21 ------- Lipid profile
    22 ------- T3, Total
    23 ------- T4, Total
    24 ------- T3, Free
    25 ------- T4,Free
    26 ------- T3, Reverse
    27 ------- Ultrasensitive TSH
    28 ------- Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibodies
    29 ------- Thyroglobulin
    30 ------- Thyroxine-binding globulin TBG
    31 ------- T3 Uptake
    32 ------- Prolactin
    33 ------- IGF-1
    34 ------- IGFBP3
    35 ------- Ferritin
    36 ------- Insulin, serum
    37 ------- HgA1c
    38 ------- C-reactive protein
    39 ------- Selenium, Whole Blood
    40 ------- Copper, serum
    41 ------- Zinc
    42 ------- Magnesium, RBC
    43 ------- Potassium, RBC
    44 ------- Fibrinogen
    45 ------- Homocysteine, cardio
    46 ------- Lipoprotein (A) Lp(A)
    47 ------- Coenzyme Q10 (198268)
    48 ------- PTH
    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
    244.90 /// 255.80 /// 783.90
    250.00 /// 272.40 /// 788.41
    250.01 /// 759.89 ///
    253.30 /// 780.40 ///
    255.40 /// 780.79 ///


    SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing
    SpectraCell’s Lipoprotein Particle Profile™
    SpectraCell’s The HS-Omega-3® Index
    SpectraCell's Apolipoprotein E Genotyping (tbd done once in lifetime)

    There are options in some of the tests, you want all options included.

    Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis (EMFA) by Genova Diagnostics

    Alternatively you can buy (some) Spectracell and Genova test from this place:

    Spectralcell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel
    Price: $350.00

    Lipoprotein Particle Comprehensive Panel Blood Test by Spectracell
    Price: $170.00

    Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis (EMFA) by Genova Diagnostics
    Price: $226.00

    Elemental Hair Analysis by Genova Diagnostics
    Price: $149.00


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  5. whitegato777

    whitegato777 Member

    Apr 26, 2011
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    sounds like her Cortisol is spiking at Nightime. I've had the same problem. Increasing t3 levels and or taking growth hormone releasing Peptides before bedtime helps

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