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Hello All New To Forum, Not New To Trt

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Dave Harlow, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Dave Harlow

    Dave Harlow New Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    I'm Dave I am 43 been diagnosed as low-t since 37 when I was initially tested my T was in the 140's. I was just going to a general practitioner because of insurance and was prescribed androgel which brought me slightly higher in the 300's and then switched to Test Cyp injections 100mg a week which brought Ok results, but my E2 went soaring and that Dr would not prescribe me any Anti-Estrogen, he reffered me to a Urologist who wanted to put implants in which my insurance would not cover.. I kept on the 100mg and broke it up, felt better but levels where still crap. I eventually got tired of the fight and Dr's thinking I am trying to get "Steroids" and stopped all TRT..

    Since stopping TRT, my weight has gone through the roof. I was about 250lbs prior I am now ~320 I am now having pain issues from the weight and I am not old, but definitely feel way older then I am , probably cause I have a 80 year old man's t levels..

    I need to get back on and have a appt with my Dr tomorrow, but wanted to verify that I have him run tests for EVERYTHING, is there a list of Labs I should have them run someone on the site? I use to have this list.. and cant for the life of me find it now

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