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Help In Understanding Low Cortisol Symptoms

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Gazza, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Gazza

    Gazza New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    Hi Guys, new here and really hoping I can start understanding what is going on, with your help.
    This is the short version because my initial post was too big, I have cut off the first half which I will add in if I can later.

    At 40 I was put on blood pressure medication so decided to get a bike and do some serious cycling, I always summer cycled in the UK but the weather in Australia kicks arse so I was able to cycle all year round, quite quickly I developed very very sore muscles in my legs, I always recovered very slowly when cycling in the uk but right now the muscles are just not repairing, I foam roll and get massages but the pain is deep and sore, I then start to develop lower back and sacroiliac pain that got worse and worse, I knew something was wrong, but what? As for as my endo was concerned I was on TRT at once every 3 week because that is what we do, I actually called her and asked is there anything more we can do and mentioned that I have read on the internet that people in other country's were getting more frequent shots and she told me not to disrespect her medical degree with something I read on the internet. Honestly guys I sobbed and felt totally lost, I went to see a new Dr for my back pain and was given Amatyptaline and meloxicam, an anti depressant and an anti-inflammatory. I was close to jumping under a bus!

    I internet researched and found a Dr an hour away who from his web site said he deals with testosterone deficiencies, I booked in and went to see him, told him all of my issues said I was on anti-inflammatory's and anti depressants for my back pain and he put his head in his hands and shook it, told him I had primary testicular failure on test once every three week and he decided to test it plus a lot of other tests.
    So for the following year we tried everything to try and get a little testicular function but at the end of about 16 month we are back to needing testosterone injections, but once every 10 days (which I split into once every 5) Enanthate 250mg/ml he is also controlling my Estrogen on arimidex .25mg every 3 days and also DHEA 100mg once per day. see how you feel on that, this guy had been sent to me from God, after the first time I had an appointment with him I went out to the car park sat in my van and I cried like a baby.

    So now we are getting down to where I need help, I am on a decent amount of test, my labs 15th June are 23.5 nmol/l range 6.0 - 28, my oestradiol is 81 pmol/l range less than 150 Dr said 80 is the aim, DHEA 11.3 umol/l range 1.9 to 11.5 Dr is very happy with these results.
    My libido is good, still got anxiety, still got a bad back, got tendinitis in both shoulders, got golfers elbow both sides, cartilage in my back and neck is breaking down and crunching, getting arthritis in my finger knuckles, over the last year while trying to find what test administration will work best the Dr tried me on Growth Hormone and IGF-1LR, both of these gave me a screaming noise in my head and over the time of trying them I had a headache that got worse every day, the IGF-1LR did seem to improve the back though. The doctor had tried me on hCG in the year of testing, this was 500iu every other day, It never gave an increase in test but for some reason my back improved also.

    Now shit gets out of control, I see my Dr and tell him that the IGF-1 seemed to help the back but the side effects were too much, he then prescribes Nandralone decanoate 50mg per week for the first four weeks then 50mg every two week for the next few months. See how it helps the back, we need to get the tissue repairing. This is with the test and 100 mg DHEA
    So over the next few weeks I found no difference with body repair, the muscles in my legs still hurt and I have not rode my cycle for over 18 months, my back hurts constantly I have anxiety that is getting worse, I am feeling jittery and a bit shaky, then one day I book a few jobs in the diary and start to run behind a little in my day, people are calling to find where I am, I start feeling a bit sick cant think were I need to go, get a bit more sweaty ( I always perspire way more than normal people when cycling or if its hot out) and feel dizzy and shit I almost feint, I was like so close to hitting the deck it was not funny, in fact it still scares me now thinking about it, what the hell is happening. I internet search and find Dr Crisler and this fantastic forum, I order his book plus Jay Campbells, I start watching you tube videos and go to see my Dr I tell him about the near death experience where I almost blacked out and he prescribes 200 mg pregnenolone no blood tests, I though that the no bloods thing was a bit strange, I had done some research and knew enough before he wrote out the script to mention adrenal function and cortisol, he said to test for cortisol has to be done in another state with a saliva test so would cost a lot, its better to go off symptoms.

    I started the pregnenolone on 200mg with the DHEA 100mg and the test and deca as above, the following few days were very anxious times with lots of palpitations and a few chest pains, then for a period of about 3 days all the anxiety went away, I felt like I was in heaven, it was beautiful but short lasting, what had just happened? I have no idea but I know we are looking in the right place because that feeling was amazing I have not felt that calm or content for about 20 years I even felt like I would be able to get through the vision stare problem I have, after this the anxiety came back but quite bad, I booked in to see my Dr but also booked in to see a new Endocrinologist, I saw my Dr and asked for a script for hCG, I explained how it really made my back feel better the previous year and I had recently read about the p450 scc enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone and that the body has LH receptors all over it, he agreed and I went and got my hCG to add into my stack. He also very happily accepted the offer of me lending him Dr Crislers book to help my treatment in the future, I discussed the cortisol thing with him and he kept talking high cortisol this high cortisol that, pregnenolone should help, so I said, can we just consider the possibility of low cortisol for a minute, he said we can test that easy with an am and pm blood test, so we did.
    9am cortisol 128 nmol/l 5pm cortosol blood test 246 nmol/l 26 July 2017

    In the mean time I saw my local Dr for a referral to see the Endo and asked for Thyroid tests and ACTH test, the results are ACTH 10 pg/ml range less that 46, Thyroid stimulating hormone 2.21 mIU/L range (0.50 - 5.00)

    I started the hCG at 100iu per day two days before the cortisol test and had been on 200mg of pregnenolone for about a month before, I had taken these two hours before the test, after about 4 days on the hCG my appetite went through the roof and also my thirst, I am also seeing my belly fat melt away every morning, I am finding my front and sides of my kneck red with warm blood, my libido has also dropped off a bit, my back is improving but anxiety is still there.

    Went to see the Endo today, bit of a strange guy and if I didnt have the understanding that I do might have been a different story, anyway he is doing an ACTH stimulation test and taking bloods for Free t4 Free t3, TSH, LH, DHEAS, Oestradiol, Androstenedione, he seems quite happy if I feel hCG helps to let me take it.

    So that guys is my story, a bit long I know, sorry don't normally do forums but I know I am like many who feel lost and the people who are here to help us sometimes are not really experienced enough to deal with people who's endocrine system is not running naturally, any help will be greatly appreciated in letting me know what I am experiencing with the chronic inflammation and anxiety, also what bloods I need and what treatment, also any links so I can further educate myself prior to seeing the Endo next week, will be great, all the best to you all.
    Regards Gazza
  2. Gazza

    Gazza New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
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    From above this is the first part of my post that would not fit on.

    A little past history without going too deep, living in the UK I had childhood mumps and was also given a very hard wack in the nuts in my early 20's that was so painfull I threw up, never was able to grow a beard up the side of my face, went through puberty well but always had small nuts, very skinny at school did a few courses of low dose anabolics starting age 20 from 1992 until about 2000 but still high enough to shut down the htpa, never really knew what I was doing until I got the human lab rat Daniel Duchane underground steroid handbook 2 with all the red pages, by this time nuts were very small, had gyno removed on both sides and quite often never did a pct because the hCG made the gyno go crazy before the op, never had bloods done.

    So when trying to have a family the wife fell pregnant naturally which we lost in a miscarriage, tried for two more years with no positive results so Dr then got bloods done first bloods to come back were FSH 30 range 1-10 u/l LH 20 range 1-9 u/l and test total 5.9 range 10.0 - 35 nmol/l this is when we knew we had problems. There were lots more bloods done also.
    Went to see an endocrinologist and was diagnosed with primary testicular failure in 2007, did a hCG stimulation test over the internet with Mike Scally that got a mid high testosterone reading (27) after 3 week, tried to maintain with clomid and tamoxifen but it fell down again after the hCG was no longer being administered, he thought this was strange that it dropped and said its as if my body's own LH is biologically inactive, he then said it looks like it will need to be testosterone replacement therapy for life.

    We then went through IVF and got our first child, I used hCG while going through the treatment and it obviously gave enough sperm to use for ICSI, I took testosterone while the Mrs was pregnant and then started back on the hCG ready for trying again with ICSI after the birth, We then moved to Australia and started the IVF, it took another 5 years and a total of 14 attempts to get our second child, the last two attempts I had testicular sperm extraction, look it up its not pleasant. So all in all happy man to be able to get my two children that both will have my big nose.
    Learned in the UK that if you visit a Dr or Endo and tell them you ever took testosterone then you will be treated like the scum of the earth, so now when in Australia its all Mumps and a hard blow to the nuts, I know I am totally shut down and I can deal with that, now aged 45 I just need to feel well and enjoy time with the wife and kids, we all do silly things and we all have done things that we wish we could reverse and do better, but really I'm ok with it all.

    So let me now tell you about how I feel and what the Drs have done.
    Since about 2003 had very bad anxiety and after taking clomid the anxiety got worse and I ended up with floaters, shimmering of the peripheral field, palanopsia, social anxiety, this is while taking testosterone once every three week and nothing else, the symptoms have never gone and its still the hardest thing ever to talk to people, I am now the guy who is a little bit weird because I stare and the vision always seems to pull out of focus, if I look at my phone at bed and its dark and I swipe the phone through the air I get trailers.
    I have seen ophthalmologists and there is nothing wrong with my eyes. I have also seen psychiatrists, psychologists and hypnotherapists for the problem where I cant talk face to face with people, its the hardest thing ever for me to do and I used to be a really confident guy who would always pull the chicks, now I cant even look at anyone male or female, the anxiety is all through my face, I am like a deer in the headlights, I had a job when I first moved to Australia and some of the guys would call me the terminator because my eyes are pinned open with anxiety when talking to people, this also causes lots of headaches.
    I have seen my local GP on many many occasions for help with this matter and every time she tries a different antidepressant, the thing is I tried one for a while and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome, never had it before in my life but have it now, had nerve conduction study done twice which showed an improvement the second time which the Dr said is unheard of ( and I think is it down to how I am being treated with TRT) tried BETA blockers and got tennis elbow had it for two years, got rid of it with autologous blood injections. Went to try and do a SCUBA diving course and had a hearing test which showed up a concern and needed an MRI to rule out a neuroma, Dr said the result was something you don't see very often at all, the MRI came back clear, I always have a ringing noise deep in my head and never been certain if its tinnitus or something else. Starting to find that my memory is not very good also.
    So every now and again I go and see my Dr and she tries a few more tests, CT of the adrenal gland plus a 24 hour urine test came back normal in 2012, I asked for this because I said is there not something wrong with how my body is producing adrenaline. I at this stage am slowly going out of my mind.

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