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Hey Everyone New From France

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Jerome66000, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Jerome66000

    Jerome66000 New Member

    Sep 22, 2017
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    I will try to speak of my best, because i am french. So first, i am 25 years old, and i have had my colon removed when i was 19. I was taking medication since my childhood.
    At the age of 23, i really began to suffer of symptoms like tiredness, no libido, loss of muscle mass...
    And went to my endocrinologist. All my hormones were checked and my testosterone came back on the really low end of the range. He thinks it can be linked to my medications and my surgery.

    So i started testosterone supplementation. in france i take androtardyl, but at the beginning it was oe shot of 250mg every two weeks. I was really not feeling well. And i started to look at forums on the internet;
    I also bought the book of john crisler, recipe for success; wich helped me a lot ! I even went with it to my endocrinologist, and he really took a look at the book.
    It took almost 2 years before we found the good dosage, and more is not better.
    Now, with the agree of my endo, i am taking 32.5mg ( 0.13ml ) 3 times a week.
    I inject with insuline syringe sc
    he also added HCG ( wich is not common in france to do this ) 150ui 3 times a week.
    I really feel a lot better than with the every two weeks shcedule !
    I have had bad times with my e2 too,
    and i take 0.125mg 1 time / week now ( i go with a low dose testosterone now and it is enough to keep my e2 in the good range ). For this, i put 1mg adex in 2ml of vodka, and with a graduated pipet i take 0.25ml every saturday.
    I have a child who is 3months old, i think HCG played a role in keeping everything on track.
    I have a lot of question but i wanted first to present myself on the forum and my story
    Hope you will understand my english


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