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Discussion in 'Member Journals' started by jcast, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. jcast

    jcast Guest

    OK - here's what's going in on a daily basis. I left out quantities on most everything because one size does not fit all in this business.
    methy b-12
    p5p -
    1/2 tsp of sea salt -
    1 TBSP of brags applecider vinegar
    vitamin D emulsion forte
    folonic acid
    Anti-flush niacin
    digestive enzyme
    calcium d glurate
    milk thistle
    1TBSP black strap molasses
    4 grams of benefiber
    hemp seed oil
    flame out
    Korean red ginseng

    4 ml/day compounded Testosterone
    1 ml/day compounded DHEA

    So what's goin on? I was feeling great until about 4 or 5 days ago. I'm guessing it's the DHEA kicking in that was added by Dr. because it was low about a week prior to my feeling weird again. Perhaps E is shooting up again. Lost all morning wood, sleepy in the afternoon, low energy, low libido, can't remember much of anything, kind of lightheaded/headache/no focus until after the gym then my head clears.

    Cause is a guess right now; being retested next week for Dr. visit on the 4th. We'll see where I'm at then. Things don't suck, just not as good as they were the past 2 or 3 weeks when I thought I started getting this all under control. I guess the problem is when you know what its like to feel great, you know when you're not and that's annoying.

    I'll see what happens after the next Dr. go-round and take it from there.

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