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Lastingsides.org - Come & Join Up

Discussion in 'Post-Finasteride Syndrome & Accutane Sufferers' started by Took_accutane, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Took_accutane

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Dear All,

    We've hit a brick wall in solving our problems. None of us can get a fucking boner. None of us can think straight for more than 30 seconds at a time. None of us can do physical exercise 10% of what we could before. We. Are. Fucked.

    For a decade+ forum users have gone round in circles. People have shot themselves up with all kinds of stuff, in desperation. People have tried all kinds of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. Recovery stories are exceptionally thin on the ground. And where they exist, results have not been replicable.

    It's time to start a new phase in your post-Accutane life. We've started a new platform. It's called lastingsides.org. And we made it for you.

    If you've been dealt a God-awful hand of cards by Accutane, Propecia, Lupron or SSRIs - we want to hear from you. Get signed up to your new forum - and let's make shit happen, together. We want studies. We want to get our plight out into the mainstream. We want to shake things the **** up. We want to shake things the **** up, now.

    We've built the platform to make this happen. Now we need you to join us - let's sieze back the future we deserve. The future Accutane has robbed us of. We can take back what's ours - get to lastingsides.org and let's make this happen.

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