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Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy In Periodontology - A Systematic Review.

Discussion in 'Scientific Studies' started by pubmed: testosterone, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy in Periodontology - A Systematic Review.

    Oral Dis. 2019 Feb 10;:

    Authors: Chaves JDP, Figueredo TFM, Von Stein Cubas Warnavin S, Pannuti CM, Steffens JP

    OBJECTIVE: To analyse whether sex hormone replacement therapy (HRT) improves periodontal parameters and dental implants osseointegration in humans.
    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Electronic databases and hand searches were performed from June to August 2018 in SciELO, LILACS and PubMed/Medline. Human observational and interventional studies that evaluated the following parameters were included: Clinical Attachment Loss (CAL), Probing Pocket Depth (PPD), Bleeding on Probing (BOP), Radiographic Bone Loss (RBL) or osseointegration.
    RESULTS: Initial search retrieved 1282 non-duplicated articles. Fifteen studies were selected after inclusion criteria were applied. All studies were performed in postmenopausal women. Mean differences for PPD reduction ranged from 0.02-0.2 mm in HRT-positive patients; mean CAL gain -0.18-0.54 mm; mean RBL reduction -0.87-0.15 mm; and mean BOP reduction 9-30.3%. Failure rate of dental implants increased -5.5-11.21% when HRT was used.
    CONCLUSIONS: Very low but consistent evidence suggests a reduction in BOP and no impact on RBL in postmenopausal women receiving HRT. There are inconsistent reports that suggests that HRT in postmenopausal women: 1)improves or does not impact PPD reduction and CAL gain; and 2)does not impact or increase implant loss. In summary, there is no evidence to support HRT prescription for either men or women for periodontal/implant placement purposes. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

    PMID: 30739380 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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