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    Default Can a "Ball Zinger" (aka "Blakoe Ring") cause negative feedback?

    There are already many threads, on many other forums, about whether this device even works or not. Bottom line, every thread has some that claim it does & an equal number claiming is doesn't. So let's not waste time revisiting that debate

    So let's assume for sake of this thread that it DOES work, then wouldn't this possibly cause negative feedback? If so, what if it was cycled or used for only few hours a day? If it's stimulating the leydig cells to boost test levels, won't that eventually down regulate LH production?


    Keywords: "ball zinger" "blakoe ring" "ring of power"

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    Default Re: Can a "Ball Zinger" (aka "Blakoe Ring") cause negative feedback?

    IDK you'd have to ask a fertility expert that magnetizes people's testicles for a living.

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    Default Re: Can a "Ball Zinger" (aka "Blakoe Ring") cause negative feedback?

    ummm..."ball zinger"? really? :)

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    Default Re: Can a "Ball Zinger" (aka "Blakoe Ring") cause negative feedback?

    Aren't you afraid of sparks?
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