How to Become a Patient

You may seek the advice of Dr. Crisler by visiting our office in Michigan for your initial consultation, or by working through your primary physician on a consultation basis.

If you already have lab results, and are not seeking prescription medications, then you may qualify for an Advice Only Consult. Click here for more information.

In order for Dr. Crisler to provide medical treatment, order lab work, and prescribe needed medications, you must be a part of our practice.

1.  If you are local you may simply schedule an appointment.
2.  If you are out of state, you may schedule a day trip.
3.  If you don't want to make the trip, you may have your primary care provider consult with Dr. Crisler.  Additional information below.

If you choose to schedule a day trip, we recommend that you fly into Lansing's Capital City Airport (LAN),, which is only 15 minutes from our office.  Our recommended cab company is Flyer Choice, , extending special rates for our guys, and their number is (517)367-7222. We've attached a list of recommended places to stay and things to do if you will be staying overnight. A great source for current events, including where to dine, can be found at  Alternative airports are: Grand Rapids  - Gerald R. Ford airport,, Flint - Bishop International airport,,  Detroit -  Metro airport,, and are approximately 1 - 2 hours in distance depending on traffic and construction.

Click HERE for travel and lodging information.
To begin your file, visit our website at and go to Online Forms. Print and fill out the Medical History and the Consent/Authorization to Treat forms and forward them to us via fax or mail prior to your Initial Consultation.  The Consultation takes about an hour, and the cost is $595. 

Payment for Consultations is made in advance, before the appointment time is scheduled, by visiting and selecting “New Anti-Aging Consult” from the consultations section.  After submitting your paperwork AND payment, please contact the office to schedule a time for your visit.  Our office phone is (517) 485-4424.

Although we like to be as flexible as possible, we must require at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment.  Emergencies are handled on a case by case basis.

Preliminary lab-work need not be done.  Dr. Crisler will create his own set of labs tailored to your specific needs.  However, any records that you feel are pertinent to your current health may be brought with you. Please do not send this information prior to your visit.  In order for Dr. Crisler to get a proper view of what is happening with your health, it is very important that you do not alter or change your medication or supplementation regimen prior to your visit.

A lab-work requisition form will be sent home with you after your visit, and the tests ordered may be performed at your lab of choice.  Any prescription(s) may be filled at the pharmacies that we use or may be called in to your pharmacy of choice.

Follow up care will be scheduled accordingly, the cost of a follow up care is available on the system.  Follow up care may be face-to-face for local patients, or virtual (via telephone) for those of who are out of state.  Please note that Virtual Office Visits (VOV’s) are available only after an initial face-to-face Consultation in our office.  Office visits allow Dr. Crisler and you to discuss your lab results, and treatment regimen.  VOV’s are paid at the time of scheduling, and may be requested on the system. We accept Master Card, Visa, or a check if you prefer.                  
In order to treat you virtually without an in house initial consultation, Dr. Crisler will need to work through your primary care physician or process you as an Advice Only Consult.  To have your local physician work with us, just have your doctor’s office call and schedule a time for your primary to confer with Dr. Crisler about your situation.  If he/she is willing, you may be able to sit in on this conference. Dr. Crisler has a publication entitled “ TRT: A Recipe for Success” available on the website.  This may be helpful information for you to take to your doctor when making this decision.  All protocols, labs, medications etc. will be processed via your primary care physician per Dr. Crisler’s recommendations.

Once your doctor has consented to work with Dr. Crisler, you may go ahead and fill out the Medical History form and the Consent to Treat form and forward these two forms so that we may start a file for you here. You will pay for the initial consultation and any follow up through the system.
As far as insurance coverage goes, we do not accept insurance here in the office for Dr. Crisler’s services.  We do provide you with a coded, itemized receipt that you may submit to your insurance company.  Most of our patients report that their labwork and prescriptions are covered, depending on their individual coverage and provider.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at , or phone the office at (517) 485-4424.  Our fax number is (815) 301-2716.

Required prior to scheduling:

  1. Medical History Form
  2. Patient Consent Form
  3. Payment at   

To schedule your appointment, please submit your required documentation then contact us by telephone at (517) 485-4424 to set your appointment time.