Testosterone Troches

*NOTE:  The Medication requires a prescription as indicated below.

A note from Dr. John Crisler:

I have begun administering a totally new form of testosterone: T sublingual troches. They are small lozenges, containing a prescribed amount of pure testosterone, placed under the tongue to melt and release the hormone directly into the bloodstream. The sublingual route is VERY fast for drug delivery; as, for instance, nitroglycerin for cardiac patients. Before everyone jumps up and down, let me first offer the following: they are not for everyone, and not for every day! Following are a couple of examples of where we can work with them:

1. Some of you, depending on particular lifestyle and schedule, apply your T gel after you work out. That means T levels are very low the next morning while trying to train. A little quick boost before leaving for the gym might really help.

2. The second situation involves those who are well tuned up hormonally, yet still have not found the improvement in libido they seek. For them, taking a sublingual androgen can really do the trick.

Some general information: The T troches are placed under the tongue, and allowed to slowly dissolve. They do so in about ten minutes. That is about the time some men will notice their voices lowering. The troches come in a cherry flavor, and actually taste pretty good.

No one will be using them as sole TRT. The testosterone they deliver does not last long enough in the bloodstream for them to be effective in that capacity. They are not methylated, as oral steroids are, and so will not hurt the liver. However, they can make estrogen shoot up along with testosterone, and can be highly suppressive. If you are worried about fertility issues, this may be important to keep in mind.

I am prescribing the troches in 50mg and 100mg doses, scored to break in half.

Please make sure to remind me you are using them when I order and evaluate labs for you—they can change how I do my hormonal assessment. You may or may not be taking one the day of your labs, depending upon your individual situation.

As with all medications dispensed here, I have to prescribe the T troches, individually. If you are interested, and think they may be of help to you, be sure to bring up the subject at our next appointment. If you just can’t wait, you are welcome to call and make an appointment now.


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