“I am amazed at the one-on-one time and attention Dr. Crisler spends with me. The results he has produced in me are like night and day. The Consultation Fee is nothing compared to what Dr. John has done for me. I have sent family members, as well as many of my friends and business associates, to him.”

– Mr. Guiseppe Stella

“I wanted to tell you that I’m really feeling better than I expected I would. Some of the immediate things are: increase in strength and muscle mass, my arms and chest pump up rapidly during a workout, no morning stiffness and little or no soreness after physical exertion. Negative thoughts are being replaced by positive ones and a more tolerant disposition, increased interest in fun types of things, the libido is starting to fire up again too, increased cognitive function. It seems like I’m thinking quicker. Actually my whole body just feels like it is running better, smoother, and it’s getting something which it needs. I don’t require as much sleep, and even when I don’t sleep well I’m not as tired during the day.”

— MAJOR Al Boyce
Lansing , MI

” Dr. John Crisler may very well be the best Testosterone Replacement Therapy specialist in the world. His international reputation is well deserved.”

– Nick Delgado, PhD, author of eleven books on health and fitness

“Dr. John is the real deal! The peace of mind that comes from having a doctor who really knows the art–and it is an art–of TRT is invaluable!”

-Mr. Steve Smith
Carbondale , IL